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lonely soul

I search for you everywhere out of habit.

When I drink coffee, I think of the colors of your eyes stained in sombres of hazel nut brown. No matter how much honey or milk I poured into your dark to weaken the bad taste you’d leave in my mouth, I still needed you because you were the only one who made me feel wired.

When I look at the moon, I think of you and how you always illuminated, even under all your dark. My love, you had me believe that darkness was the safest place when it was with you.

When the sky is smeared with hues of orange, I think of the time when you told me that your fire was burning, when really you were already burned out, but I still loved you with all your cinder. In all your ember, I never thought I’d find a camp fire so beautiful. 

In December, I think of the time when you asked me to engrave you in the blankets of snow within my memory. It was the coldest winter, but you were my favorite snow angel, even though you left me with nothing but frost bites. 

- J.S.


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A Wise Bird Watches! (by TW Astro)


A Wise Bird Watches! (by TW Astro)

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